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The Inspiring Story Behind the Mantis Foundation


At Mantis Medical, we are committed to providing the reliable solutions needed to ensure that today’s hardworking medical professionals can provide stellar care. Our dedication to transforming lives doesn’t end there, however. Through the Mantis Foundation, we strive to have a positive impact on a community in need.

The Mantis Foundation began with the vision of Mantis Medical owner Sharon Pelusio, who made the life-changing decision to act on her desire to make a difference. While she’d previously thought about giving back, her intentions became far more clear following a medical missions trip to Pune, India. There, she witnessed firsthand the devastation and systemic nature of crippling poverty.

Following her trip, Sharon decided to launch the Mantis Foundation in hopes of spreading the word and convincing others to join her in giving back. Beyond her personal efforts, she made the inspiring commitment to donate a portion of Mantis Medical’s sales to the Mantis Foundation. With Mantis Medical covering administrative costs, partners can take solace in knowing that 100 percent of their contributions support the implementation of the foundation’s ambitious agenda.

The Mantis Foundation’s Mission

Funds generated through the Mantis Foundation provide relief for impoverished individuals residing in Pune, India — where an alarming 40 percent of the population currently lives below the poverty level. Through generous donations, the foundation offers housing, clean water, medical care, and more. Beyond these practical needs, the foundation aims to spread hope where it is needed most.

To learn more about the important work of the Mantis Foundation, visit or complete the contact form. Your interest and support are greatly appreciated.