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Surprising Costs You Face When Your Medical Equipment Is Out of Order

Medical equipment may seem expensive to maintain, but the cost of malfunction could be astronomical. The following are just a few of the problematic expenses you’ll face if the medical equipment in your Rochester, NY hospital or clinic acts up:

Equipment Downtime

Even a few hours of downtime can prove financially devastating for hospitals and clinics. Projections regarding loss of revenue and reimbursements vary somewhat from one machine to the next, but in general, Rochester facilities can expect to lose thousands just based on downtime alone. These losses could prove particularly alarming in light of recent reductions to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates.

Idle Staff

Technicians and other staff members don’t stop receiving pay when equipment goes down. In addition to missing out on reimbursements, facilities must pay medical professionals for work left undone.

Scheduling Backlogs

The problems don’t end once faulty equipment is finally up and running. Scheduling snafus prompted by downtime could lead to further delays in treatment, thereby resulting in additional losses.

Long-Term Reputation Damage

Over time, facilities that regularly suffer downtime may see problematic health outcomes and reduced patient satisfaction. This can have a discernible impact on long-term revenue, especially as diagnoses and treatments are delayed.

Prompt repairs and regular maintenance can make all the difference for your patients — and for your Rochester facility’s bottom line. Look to Mantis Medical for reliable service in and around Rochester, New York. Call 833-262-6847 today or contact us online to request a quote.