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Meeting the Demands of Sterilization Maintenance

Now more than ever medical maintenance is on the rise, while we move through this pandemic our medical facilities are seeing equipment breakdowns occur due to increased use. Our Rochester, NY based company offers a Sterilizer Maintenance & Repair Program designed to keep you up and running. Sterilizer Maintenance is crucial to the longevity and reliability of your sterilizer. Whether it is human error or equipment malfunction, sterilization failures can cost your hospital or clinic valuable time and money.

Through our program, we can prevent costly and catastrophic failures in equipment such as:

  • Worn Gaskets
  • Clogged Filters
  • Leaking Valves
  • Poor Steam Quality
  • Vacuum Failure
  • And More

The cost of this annual service is minimal compared to the cost of emergency sterilizer repair service and down time at your facility. We provide easy access comprehensive documentation to satisfy CMS/Life Safety compliance protocols and DOH audits. Our focus is medical equipment service and compliance-driven, audit-ready documentation. We are dedicated to keeping your equipment calibrated and safe while maintaining all service records throughout the life cycle.

Prompt repairs and regular maintenance can make all the difference for your patients and for your Rochester facility’s bottom line. Look to Mantis Medical for reliable service in and around Rochester, New York. Call 833-262-6847 today or contact us online to request a quote.