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Anesthesia Systems Maintenance and Repair

Our Anesthesia Program follows all manufacturer protocols, uses OEM parts and offers:

  • Corporate and OEM trained service team
  • Competitive pricing with traditional OEM service contracts
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Anesthesia machines
  • Vaporizers
  • Patient Monitors

Let Mantis supply all your equipment needs!

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    Specializing in…

    A top hospital manufacturing company founded in the German city of Lübeck in 1889, Dräger holds a long history of success as a family-run business. Over the years, the company has proven highly influential in a variety of fields, including not only medicine, but also emergency services, law enforcement, and even mining.

    Today, Dräger supplies a variety of hospital and health care facilities with anesthesia workstations and machines, which integrate time-tested concepts with the powers of modern technology. Several specialized machines are available to suit a variety of settings and situations while ensuring streamlined, safe care for patients all around the world. Advanced features up the ante for patient monitoring, charting, and system networking. Top offerings include:

    • Apollo
    • Fabius GS Premium
    • Fabius Tiro
    • Fabius Tiro M
    • Perseus A500

    Dräger anesthesia machines are highly regarded, in part, for their efficient and ergonomic designs, which make it easier to establish functional workstations in a variety of environments. These workstations can easily be customized to meet patients’ unique needs, thereby improving overarching standards of care. Many include TFT displays or touch screens.

    Paired with qualified service teams, Dräger machines hold the potential to revolutionize every aspect of anesthesia, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes across the entire spectrum of modern health care. These anesthesia machines are highly reliable, and therefore, an excellent option for any hospital or clinic.

    GE has long been a trusted name in appliances, but few people outside of the medical world realize the extent to which the brand makes its mark in health care. In addition to MRI machines, ventilators, and other essential equipment, GE offers a wide range of anesthesia machines capable of meeting patients’ unique needs. As is typical of GE equipment, these anesthesia machines are known for being highly reliable.

    The manufacturer has built on over 100 years of success in anesthesia delivery to form a strong system capable of delivering exceptional patient outcomes. Health care facilities can select specific models based on available space and the desire for GE’s cutting-edge technology. A few of the manufacturer’s top options include the following:

    • Aestiva
    • Aespire and Aespire View
    • Carestation 620
    • Carestation 650
    • Carestation 650c

    Several of GE’s most popular anesthesia machines come equipped with 15-inch touchscreen displays featuring easy-to-navigate user interfaces capable of significantly streamlining workflow. Furthermore, an optional ecoFLOW feature can be added to graphically represent anesthetic agent use and oxygen flow. Machines with this unique feature can be adjusted for oxygen flow based on information offered through the ecoFLOW display.

    Different sizes are available to ensure that anesthesia machines fit perfectly into a variety of environments. GE’s Carestation models, for example, are highly compact. Some can easily be mounted to the wall, allowing them to serve patients occupying induction rooms or other cramped areas in which floor space is limited.

    Regardless of specific model selection, health care facilities that opt for GE anesthesia machines can take solace in knowing that patients will be appropriately cared for, while medical professionals will be empowered to provide the best possible care.

    Established in Oxford in 1943, Penlon boasts an impressive history in medical manufacturing. The company currently exports its high-quality products to hospitals and clinics located in dozens of countries, including China, Japan, and the United States. In addition to anesthesia machines and workstations, Penlon manufactures MRI machines and other essential equipment.

    All Penlon machines are designed and manufactured in-house. This grants the company a significant edge over several of its competitors, which often rely on third parties to carry out a variety of assembly functions. When your facility invests in Penlon anesthesia machines, you can feel confident in the end product, as quality is guaranteed through every step of the manufacturing and assembly process.

    The attention to detail evident in Penlon’s manufacturing process is also apparent based on the advanced technology incorporated into a variety of the company’s anesthesia workstation models. A range of ventilation modes are available, as is an optional anesthetic gas monitoring feature.

    Penlon offers a wide array of anesthesia workstation models worth considering, including:

    • Prima 320
    • Prima 320 Advance
    • Prima 440
    • Prima 450
    • Prima 460
    • Prima 465

    There is a lot to love about Penlon’s line of Prima anesthesia machines. Reliable, efficient, and equipped with cutting-edge medical technology, these workstations provide a range of functions designed to ease health care workflows and ensure exceptional patient outcomes.

    When properly serviced and maintained, these devices offer the full range of resources needed to ensure quality care throughout the entirety of the patient experience. Equipped with Penlon machines, you will quickly realize why this name is so trusted in the medical manufacturing industry.

    Committed to an ambitious vision of providing “better health care for all,” Mindray manufactures a variety of medical and veterinary devices. These include not only anesthesia machines and accessories, but also ultrasound and imaging equipment, hematology analyzers, telemetry transmitters, and even vet parameter modules.

    If you’re currently focused on anesthesia machines, you will be impressed by the many options available through Mindray. Ranging from basic to complex suite environments, Mindray offers every type of anesthesia delivery system today’s hospitals and other health care facilities could possibly require.

    The A-Series Advantage platform, in particular, provides a versatile array of options that allow health care professionals to meet the needs of a vast range of patients — including those who might otherwise be difficult to serve. From bariatric to neonatal services, all patients are ensured optimal care when offered anesthesia via Mindray devices.

    Top Mindray machines and systems include:

    • A4 Anesthesia System
    • A5 Anesthesia System
    • A7 Advantage Workstation

    Each available option comes with its own unique advantages, but all are built to ensure that both clinical and financial requirements are met. Mindray’s ergonomic workstations are designed to accommodate a variety of spaces via various mounting modes and other configurations.

    In addition to its highly regarded workstations, Mindray also manufactures maintenance-free anesthetic vaporizers that can be used with its A-series anesthesia systems. These anesthetic vaporizers abide by the same quality standards evident in Mindray’s advanced anesthesia delivery systems.

    Mindray is a trusted name in medical manufacturing — and you’ll quickly discover why as you make the most of the company’s top-rated anesthesia systems, workstations, and vaporizers.